At Edenvale Locksmiths we can open and replace any lock you have the need for opening and for replacing. Whether it is a door lock at your home or a car door lock that needs to be opened. We have what it takes to open these locks. Feeling unsecure and feel you need your door locks replaced, we will be happy to assist you in this regard. Since 1966 we have been servicing the Eastrand and surrounding areas with all the locksmithing and security needs that they have. We are confident and proud of our service delivery and we will leave you smiling and satisfied.

The team provides key cutting and opening house door locks, also safe opening and car door locks opening.

Open Locks

Edenvale Locksmith team has been cutting keys for over 51 years now. Using the most professional equipment available and to ensure we can provide an efficient and exact key cutting service. We have a range of resources for key cutting available from the most up to date and precise machinery. From laser key cutting to traditional manual key cutting equipment. Our stock includes thousands of keys to ensure we have one which can be cut and delivered to the customer as quick as possible.

When you are locked out of your home there is no reason to break a window or get stuck in a dog door. The best option is to contact Edenvale Locksmith and let them solve the problem with ease and efficiency. There is no reason to weaken the security of your home unnecessarily. Our team has trained professionals just waiting to assist you and get you into your home with the utmost ease and safety. Call us now for quick and friendly service and get your house door lock opened.

Are you trying to open a locked safe and it’s giving you problems, or maybe you’ve lost the keys to your safe and you can’t unlock it, then call Edenvale Locksmith to see if they can help open your safe. Also, if you need an extra key cut then due to the nature of safe keys they need to be cut by a professional locksmith. Safe Unlocking and Safe Key Cutting.

This is when you’ll need Edenvale  Locksmiths to come out and open the door for you. An auto locksmith is trained to open cars quickly and without damaging them. Our team members have the proper equipment to open the car and they can do it in minutes. They can also replace the lock if needed. Call now and we will open your car door locks and we will also program and re-code your car key.