Vehicle Key Programming

Vehicle ProgrammingIf your car is in need of a new key and you require vehicle key programming, we can assist. Our professional locksmiths have all the experience of vehicle key programming and can help you with this. Why have a head ache when our team can solve your issues.

We offer 24/7 Key Coding and Programing transponder keys in the East Rand and Johannesburg. Our Locksmiths are certified with all major insurance companies and our workmanship is guaranteed.

At Edenvale Locksmiths all our staff members are highly trained and qualified to repair/replace your vehicles keys. Edenvale Locksmiths uses the most advanced automotive Key Coding and Programing transponder equipment.

To ensure you and your family get back onto the road in no time.

Our teams are friendly and ready to assist. A professional and mobile locksmith team is available 24/7 for all your emergency needs and will help you anytime. It is not fun getting stuck with a lock, also it happens when you need it least. Let us come and get you out of your jam. After all this is what we do for a living and we love helping people like you. We are here for you and we are ready to open that lock.

The team provides key cutting and opening house door locks, also safe opening and car door locks opening. We are one phone call away and someone is always on the road. Maybe we have someone near you and they can be there in a moment.

Transponder Key Programming

All vehicle transponder keys are diagnostically programmed to the vehicle and this allows you to start it. It basically stops thieves from stealing your car or van. But sometimes it can stop you the owner from starting it as well.

A transponder chip can break and leave you with a non-running vehicle and this is common on vehicles with the key card system. Sometimes the vehicle can simply lose its coding after a battery goes flat, common on some Vauxhall vehicles.

Edenvale Locksmiths can replace transponders and programme them back to the vehicle in these situations getting you up and running again.

We can also programme keys that you have purchased yourselves whether from the dealer or online. If we programme keys bought online we cannot guarantee the success of these as used keys sometimes will not work. We will always give you advice on internet keys if you give us a call first.